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On Facebook.

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Hey there, minions:

Just a quick update. My facebook page was disabled.

I explain.

On baring it all.

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Big recap of 2011 to come in the next few days. In the meantime, here’s a shoot I did for Lover Magazine. NSFW because I’m naked.



Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Loyal minions!

Set phasers to…SON.

That’s right, I’m having a boy, according to the Ultrasound. I’m incredibly excited about this. Mostly because I don’t have to worry about well-meaning family buying hideous pink flowered things, or about having to invest in a shotgun when my child turns 14 and starts dating. (Maybe I’ll still invest in that shotgun, though. Just because.)

Also, I am super excited to grab Arkham City and play that tomorrow. Saturday is the annual Toronto Zombie Walk, and I’ll be covering it for Naked News- you can watch it on our Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious HALLOWE’EN SPECIAL! WHOOOOOO HOOOO! I’m excited- I LURVES Hallowe’en. I lurves it so much I could explode.

I went on a ghost tour of Toronto last weekend. I love learning about the history of my city- especially the more macabre history.

I have the perfect Hallowe’en costume planned out. However, I don’t think a lot of people will get it- unless they’re fans of the Fables series.

Also, screw you, American Apparel. I have the HIGHEST of pants.

I ROCK maternity pants.

What’s your favorite Hallowe’en movie? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a horror film. My favorite is Ray Bradbury’s The Hallowe’en Tree. Leonard Nimoy provides the voice for one of the main characters. It’s all kinds of rad-tacular.

On Pregnancy

Monday, October 10th, 2011


Hey there, Loyal Minions.

I’m not around these parts much- I spend most of my time online these days on twitter.

So, quick update on my life lately:

-If you haven’t heard on Naked News yet, I’m pregnant. I’m also carrying out the entire pregnancy on the show. So I’ll be there until the very end! I think pregnancy is an incredible thing and I really believe that working for the Program With Nothing To Hide means something, so I won’t be hiding my baby bump! I’ll be back on the show as soon as I can after giving birth, which will probably be some months.

-I modeled for the Futurecon calendar. You can find a preview picture here. I’ll also be at Futurecon as a guest, and I’ll be painted- and plastercast- this year. Come out for the three day fun!

-I hate this ad. I hate it so much.

I hate them so much.

Whoever created this ad needs to be shot into space.

-Threatening to shoot people into space is my new favorite threat.

-The DC new 52 annoys me. Not EVERY female comic book character needs to be a raging slut. Sure, that works for some characters, but Starfire? No.

-Here is Russell Crowe in the new Snyder Superman flick. Why does Jor-El suddenly look like a Klingon?

-Speaking of terrible costumes, Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman in the new Batman flick looks painfully bad. Cat ears and a Zorro mask? Seriously? (I’m not posting a picture of that. Use Google.)


-What did you think of the Dr. Who finale?

I have leftover Tofurkey to eat, so I’ll bid you adieu.

On Big News, Big Interviews, and Special Gifts

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011



I interviewed Nicole Simone for Naked News. Here’s the censored version, the full version is on Naked News…click that banner over on the side of this page to sign up and see the uncensored version and lots more. Yep, that banner. The one where I’m naked save for a few well-placed comic books.

Today, I had a naked pillow fight with Eila. That’ll air on the show this weekend. Did you guys catch the Naked Nerd last week? I interviewed Armin Shimerman and presented at the Constellations.

Also, I have Very Big News on the horizon. You’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out what it is, though.



New video blog- on conventions, appearances, and much more.

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Watch here.

On new articles, new weight loss regimes, and standing up for myself

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Hey there, loyal minions! First off, did you catch my new article over at G33K PRON? I interviewed J3SS for Naked News, and you can find it in our archives by clicking that lovely picture of me over there, on the sidebar.

Secondly, this is what happens when you grab a lady.

So…the moral here is…don’t do that. Because you never know when you’ll meet ME.

Thirdly, I’ve started a new workout routine. I hate working out, but since summer’s here I don’t need my layers of fat to keep me from freezing, so it’s time to do something about it.

Now, I don’t “do” the gym. When I step into one of those abominations, I feel like I’m voluntarily commiting myself to a futuristic torture chamber. Five minutes on the treadmill, and I start hallucinating. Last time I was there, I was on the elliptical machine for ten minutes and it GROWLED at me.

But you know what I DO like? Swimming. And saunas. And smoothies.
Swimming is low-impact, which is great for girls like me who have knee problems, it’s great cardio, and water provides 12-15% more resistance than exercising on land does. Plus, it’s way more fun. And as for sauna benefits, well, here is a great list. And smoothies…well, they’re just awesome. So I’m starting a new diet regime- the triple S. Swimming, suana, smoothies. Will it work? Will it fail miserably? Well, time will tell.

Here are my starting stats:
weight: 152 lbs
bust: 37 inches
waist: 28 inches
hips: 40 inches

(My picture’s on its side, because that’s how I roll.)

-15 laps in the pool
-10 minutes in the sauna
-a smoothie made out of an apple, flaxseed, a handful of almonds for protein and healthy fat, an orange, a lemon, and a carrot.

-My smoothie this morning tasted like ASS.
-I broke a Trooper peeling my orange.

-I had more energy throughout the day.

-Seriously, this?  Not a good combo.



I’ll keep you updated on the progress as it goes.

Love and kisses, bites and bruises,

your Overlady,


Nerd Girl Burlesque- The Boobies Strike Back!

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Here’s the video of me performing in the May the 4th nerd Girl Burlesque show.

Now, there’s a story that goes with this.

I refuse to pay for a full Britney Spears album- nothing against Britney, she’s a talented woman and I respect her contibution to pop music- but she’s definitely Not My Cup Of Tea. However, I had planned on doing a Slave Leia themed burlesque for the show, since it was on May the 4th be With You, and because I favor the obvious, I chose I’m a Slave 4 U as my number. (I couldn’t think of any other slave-themed song that were both non-offensive and had a sexy beat. Any suggestions, minions?)

Anyway, my darling minions, as anyone who knows me can tell you (and much to my boss’ chagrin), I’m the World’s Biggest Procrastinator, so I didn’t actually -download- the song itself from iTunes until the day before the show. Now, I tried sending the song over email to the event co-ordinator. No dice, wouldn’t send.

Okay, this was a minor setback, but fine. I had blank CDs at home. I’d just burn a copy.

Well, turns out my CD burner dind’t work, either.

So I had to ask my roommate, somewhat ashamedly (because Nicole, being a very talented musician, has EXCELLENT taste in music), to download the song from iTunes on her computer, for me. Cost so far: negligible. I could handle this.

So I burn the disc, not thinking to check if it works in a CD player before I leave, because that would take planning, which I clearly do NOT do very well (and also, I have not owned a CD player since around 1998), and assume that now,e verything will work fine and my problems are solved. Yay! Onto burlesque!

…one minor problem….

When I get to the venue, about half an hour before the show starts, MY MUSIC DOES NOT WORK. The CD burned a DATA copy, not an MP3.

There are no swears creative enough for this situation. I tried letting loose a stream of profanity, but it sounded more like Donald Duck having a temper tantrum than anything else.

Yep, like that.

Anyway, on the plus side, the HMV down the street was open for another few minutes, so I bolted down the street at full speed, nearly running over an elderly couple in the process (and if you’ve watched Naked News, you probably know that I do NOT run gracefully), and burst into the store, ran up to the first store employee I could find, and blurted out, “I need a copy of any Britney Spears CD with I’m a Slave 4 U that you have, and I need it now! …Oh, and please don’t judge me.”

To his credit, the guy was a sweetheart, helped me out right away, and said, “why would I judge you?”

I replied, “Because -I- would judge me.”

So 18 dollars later, I had my Britney CD.

I bought my first had copy CD in about five years, and it was a freaking BRITNEY CD.

A little part of me died that day.

On a lighter note, it’s nice here in Toronto these days. Which means that I get to wear outfits like this:


On my life- a photo diary.

Monday, May 9th, 2011

This has been my life for the past few months.

My performance at the Nerd Girl Pinups "May the 4th Be With You- The Boobies Strike Back" show.

Emma Frost feeds Toni Stark a strawberry at the Ad Astra Beefcake/Cheesecake event for Casey House, sponsored by Futurecon. Photo courtesy of my dear friend Phil Gotfried.

Me on a panel about anonymity and the media at Momentum Con.

Me as Emma Frost with Gillian Owen as Red Sonja, Leisa Knapp as Rogue, Gina Greco as Powergirl, Olivia Ward as the Black Queen, and Holli Gram as Toni Stark. Photo courtesy of Christine Mak

At my roommate Nicole Simone's Hospital Quiet release show. Photo courtesy of Anthony Toderian.

Me onstage with Ron Sparks at the News Desk for the "Bedroom Antics" show put on by the Rivoli for the Alt Dot comedy Lounge.

I have a big gun. Interviewing @ Wizard World Toronto.

More Wizard World stuff with my knitted chtulhu from Yarn of Despair. Photo courtesy of Feline 643 Photography.

Life is dizzying and wonderful. Lots of love, my darlings.


p.s…for those of you in the Toronto area, I’m being auctioned off on Thursday with my co-anchors Ariella Banks and Eila Adams. Want to win a triple date with us? Check us out here:
Toronto’s Finest Auction

Warren Ellis: GUN MACHINE

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Loyal minions! ‘Tis me, your Overlady.

So earlier today, Reuters broke the news that Warren Ellis would be writing a new novel.

Warren is one of my favorite writers- his imagery is captivating, nuanced, and full of biting social commentary and razor-sharp satire. Supergod, Anna Mercury, and his work on Astonishing X-Men are what I consider to be must-haves for any comic book geek, and Gravel is one of my favorite series ever.  Curious about the new book, I asked him a series of questions about the fledgling project and he was kind enough to answer. What follows is a pure, un-edited transcription of our conversation. Enjoy.

1) What prompted you to switch gears and write novels?

Firstly, I really enjoyed the experience of writing CROOKED LITTLE VEIN, and wanted to return to novels when time allowed. Secondly, I’ve been working to weekly if not daily deadlines in comics for nearly twenty years. And I am totally done with that. I’m knackered, and I want to spend more time crafting my pages rather than trying (and failing) to beat the clock.

2) what are the books about? Is there a message or a theme that you’re trying to convey to your audience?

Well, right now we’re only talking about the first book, GUN MACHINE. Which is about an NYPD detective discovering a sealed apartment filled with guns, and CSU discovering that, apparently, every single gun in there is associated with a single unsolved homicide. Going back at least twenty years. But what the novel is really about is money, information, perception, history, exhaustion and, to an extent, the role of the policeman in society.

3) Your work is known for its no-holds barred biting social commentary, and you embrace this beautiful, sometimes dark, sometimes controversial imagery. Will we be seeing a lot of classic Ellis in this novel or did you switch gears for this project?

It’s set largely in the 1st Precinct, which contains Manhattan’s financial district: so, yeah, you can’t avoid talking about social themes in a setting like that. And, you know, this is me: there’s a very ugly killing right at the start of the book, and things don’t get much nicer after that.

4) How was it going from your usual style of work to books without pictures? What are the particular challenges you faced in changing mediums? What did you like best?

The big change, as I found with CROOKED LITTLE VEIN, is that you go from describing pictures to suggesting pictures. A comics script is basically one big letter to an artist, and a novel is a letter to a reader, but in the latter the images have to be evoked, rather than blueprinted. The struggle was to pull back enough that the images could live in the reader’s mind, rather than baldly stated in enough detail to draw. It’s tricky (for me).

Also, being able to have pieces of dialogue more than thirty words long is nice.

5) A lot of comic book fanboys are going to be panicking at this news, worrying that you’ve abandoned comics. Are you still going to be writing comics, or is this a permanent career shift for you?

Honestly, I don’t think I have any “fanboys” left, if indeed they were ever there. I don’t think too many people will notice me slide out the side door of comics. In any case, I do still have a few short comics projects in the pipeline, at Marvel, Avatar and Image. And an old friend and I have been talking about a graphic novel for the last couple of months. I don’t yet envision a time where I’m not working in comics in some form. But it’s not going to be the focus of my days for the next couple of years. I’ll be even further in the background of the medium. Which is fine.

To keep tabs on the book progress, or hear more from Warren, follow him on Twitter at @warrenellis, and follow his blog.