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New Projects.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Hey there, Loyal Minions.


My life.

Late nights.  Late nights and early mornings.  Not enough hours, not enough sleep, not enough day, and the piles of responsibilities are getting so high they’re teetering precariously, large Jenga stacks of commitments that I just keep piling onto, because I want to see how high I can get the towers to go before I crash.  And here I am, sitting in the middle of it all, controller in my hand, playing Dragon Age.  I feel like I can’t catch my breath some days, but being breathless has its own rush.  It feels like being in love, almost.  And it keeps you from focusing on all the people you know you shouldn’t be thinking about.

I have some major projects on the horizon that are not NN-related.  I can’t tell you much about them, yet, but I CAN tell you that one is a project with a very dear (and incredibly talented) friend of mine.  This project is a personal one for me, and has the potential to stir up all kinds of trouble.  Is it bad that I look forward to whatever may happen?  I’ve never been one who could avoid poking a bear when I saw one, and throwing caution to the wind like it was a cheap kite, careless about how life’s brambles catch it, and how they rend and tear the thin fabric.

I’m being melodramatic, I know, and my metaphors are getting away from me.

Avengers Thursday!  I can’t wait. See my review on this coming Friday’s program on Naked News  For now, I’ll spend the rest of the day making mixtapes to people who will never receive them.






Thursday, April 16th, 2015

So Star Wars Celebration is happening right now and I AM STUCK IN TORONTO AND IT IS SO NOT FAIR YOU GUYS.

I’d be pout-ier, but it’s hard to be angry- I just saw the new trailer for The Force Awakens and I’m hyperventilating a bit. The new costume redesigns are BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait to crossplay the heck out of that silver number.

And that moment where Han says “Chewie, we’re home!”  AUGH SO MANY FEELINGS.

I may have gotten in trouble for squee-ing too loudly at work.




The force is strong with me.



Darth Vader’s helmet.  Yikes.  The Dark Side of the force is apparently worse for you than meth.


Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

It’s been a long time. I’ve neglected my blog. I’ve been busy living life.

Well, living other people’s lives.

I play a lot of RPGs.

I’m currently playing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a really cool group of guys, and in this campaign I’m a lawful neutral human noble warrior who is looking to reclaim the glory of her past title.

I have to tell you, as someone whose real life alignment is true neutral at best (and chaotic neutral when I’m NOT behaving, which let’s face it is most of the time), I am having the HARDEST time staying true to my alignment while reaching my goals. But hey, I figure I can follow the laws easier if I make my own, right? Right? So all I need to do is become the ruler of everything, and then being lawful neutral will be much easier.

I’m used to playing a barbarian type character- not a lot of brains or finesse, just muscle. I like being the tank- as anyone who has seen my Versus segments on Naked News can tell you, I’m kind of a weakling and a giant klutz, so I like being the big scary muscle. Give me a comically oversized weapon, point me in the direction of my enemies, and let me hack at things. That’s how I roll. (Well, actually, natural 20s is how I roll. Not to brag or anything.) My character in this game, though, is charming and influential, and I’ve been using that to my advantage. I made a risky move when, instead of sneaking into a goblin-infested castle to get to an evil wizard and a mysterious drow causing trouble, I infiltrated it using my cunning and charm. After the inevitable massacre was done, we killed the king of the goblins, stole his crown, and then I convinced the remaining goblins left alive to join me.



I plan to grow my army, forge alliances between all the races (even goblins and orcs), and become Overlady Of the Entire Fucking World.

…Lawfully, of course.

And I’ll only torture when I absolutely need to.

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

*BZZT* After some technical difficulties, it looks like I’m back up and running here.

Have you checked out our new site yet? We got a facelift with our HD treatment, and it looks stunningly beautiful. I’m so happy with how it looks.

Speaking of changes, I’ve been working out a ton, and trying to be more active. I’ve gained five pounds, but my hips and waist are smaller, so that means I’m gaining muscle. Who wants to fight me?

Some random thoughts:

-I think what I’m most grateful for about my life is that it’s been difficult enough to give me character and strengthen me, but not so hard that it’s made me cynical or bitter. I’m a lucky woman.

I feel great about how I look these days.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly going to play Dream in a Sandman adaptation. And he’s signed on as a producer. I’m cautiously thrilled.

I’m loving Cary Nord’s art on X-O Manowar #19. You should go check it out.


Starbucks has Butterbeer!

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Loyal minions!

First off, Starbucks has a secret menu, and Butterbeer is on it. I need to figure out how to veganize this. Speaking of Harry Potter, what’s your house? I’m Ravenclaw.

Secondly, I’m really excited to hear Marvel has signed a deal with Netflix. I’m really hoping for Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Cage. I’d love to play Jessica Jones.

Have you read the first issue of the new Sandman series? What do you think of it?

Miss me, Mister, now you gotta…

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

It’s a rare lonesome night this evening.  I’m cuddled up on the couch, some older-catalog Dresden Dolls playing in the background (Amanda Palmer’s voice always sounds like autumn personified to me), fire blazing in my fireplace, and a hot cup of Mom’s Apple Pie tea from David’s Tea resting on my coffee table as I type my first missive to you in months.  I love lonely nights like this, after my son has gone to bed, when my house is all mine and no noises disturb the calm but the ones I allow.

Peace.  Quiet.  Such loveliness.

Me, right now.

Two more episodes left for Naked News Uncovered:

I hope you get the chance to watch these episodes, even if you haven`t caught the program up until now.  I`m proud of them.

Did you guys know I have a new vegan cooking blog?  It`s right here:

I have work to do, so I bid you goodnight, my darlings.




Saturday, January 5th, 2013

2012 was a big year for me. I won’t get into all of the things I accomplished, but I was very productive last year, both personally and professionally.

2013 is the year I turn 30. I have a family, a new home, and a slew of new projects I’m planning to get off the ground. here are some of my plans for 2013:
-finish the first draft of my novel
-do more standup comedy
-start a vegan catering business on the side
-work on a few more entertainment-related projects
-read more comic books (I’ve fallen off the wagon lately due to being busy with ALL THE THINGS, and I miss them)
-plan more events
-get some wonderful interviews and do more Naked Nerd segments
-go to ECCC

I have a strong group of people behind me, including a coalition of some strong, amazing geek girls that was formed at the Futurecon party this year, so I’m confident I’m going to rock this year.

30 is going to be my year, guys. I’m going to rock this decade change.

Here’s a picture of my recent Paul Buceta shoot. I don’t usually publish nude pictures on here- so enjoy, because this doesn’t happen often. More of these pictures will be on the Naked News website soon, and you’ll be able to purchase signed copies.

On Tony Harris- a video response

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Hey there, minions!

Tony Harris, an artist known for working on Iron Man, Starman, and Ex Machina, recently took to Facebook to post a badly misspelled rant on how most cosplayers are, well, vapid attention whores and “fake” nerds:

I cant remember if Ive said this before, but Im gonna say it anyway. I dont give a crap.I appreciate a pretty Gal as much as the next Hetero Male. Sometimes I even go in for some racy type stuff ( keeping the comments PG for my Ladies sake) but dammit, dammit, dammit I am so sick and tired of the whole COSPLAY-Chiks. I know a few who are actually pretty cool-and BIG Shocker, love and read Comics.So as in all things, they are the exception to the rule. Heres the statement I wanna make, based on THE RULE: “Hey! Quasi-Pretty-NOT-Hot-Girl, you are more pathetic than the REAL Nerds, who YOU secretly think are REALLY PATHETIC. But we are onto you. Some of us are aware that you are ever so average on an everyday basis. But you have a couple of things going your way. You are willing to become almost completely Naked in public, and yer either skinny( Well, some or most of you, THINK you are ) or you have Big Boobies. Notice I didnt say GREAT Boobies? You are what I refer to as “CON-HOT”. Well not by my estimation, but according to a LOT of average Comic Book Fans who either RARELY speak to, or NEVER speak to girls. Some Virgins, ALL unconfident when it comes to girls, and the ONE thing they all have in common? The are being preyed on by YOU. You have this really awful need for attention, for people to tell you your pretty, or Hot, and the thought of guys pleasuring themselves to the memory of you hanging on them with your glossy open lips, promising them the Moon and the Stars of pleasure, just makes your head vibrate. After many years of watching this shit go down every 3 seconds around or in front of my booth or table at ANY given Con in the country, I put this together. Well not just me. We are LEGION. And here it is, THE REASON WHY ALL THAT, sickens us: BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT COMICS, BEYOND WHATEVER GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH YOU DID TO GET REF ON THE MOST MAINSTREAM CHARACTER WITH THE MOST REVEALING COSTUME EVER. And also, if ANY of these guys that you hang on tried to talk to you out of that Con? You wouldnt give them the fucking time of day. Shut up you damned liar, no you would not. Lying, Liar Face. Yer not Comics. Your just the thing that all the Comic Book, AND mainstream press flock to at Cons. And the real reason for the Con, and the damned costumes yer parading around in? That would be Comic Book Artists, and Comic Book Writers who make all that shit up.

Kind fo awful, right? The Internet, predictably, has been eviscerating this guy. Noted artist, feminist, and all-around awesome woman Gail Simone started Cosplay Appreciation Day in response.

I had my own response. Check out my video letter to Mr. Harris:

Those books I mention in the video are still up for grabs, by the way.

I’m Doing Science and I’m Still Alive

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Hey there,
Long time, no see. Been a few months. I’ve been busy living life and enjoying my time off. I’m excited to come back to work- I feel refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things. I already have some great ideas for some Nerd segments. In the meantime, I’ve been working on some personal projects. It’s been fun, but my heart belongs at Naked News and I’m itching to get back into the studios. It’s a wonderful feeling to love your job this much.

I’ll be honest- I was worried I wouldn’t be able to come back. I gained a LOT of weight during my pregnancy, and I was worried I wasn’t going to lose it all- or worse, I’d lose it all and my body would look like eighteen miles of hard road when I was done shedding the pounds. Luckily, due to a rigorous diet and exercise program, I’m back to…well…looking like this:

It’s easier to ooze self confidence when you like what you see in the mirror. Luckily, I like my postpartum body better than I liked my body before…I’m curvier in the right places, and I think my body looks more balanced than it did pre-pregnancy.

I even fill out costumes better:

I feel like I’ve changed a lot in the past three months. I’ve grown into more of an adult. My priorities have drastically shifted. But don’t worry, I still enjoy dressing up as superheroes and having lightsaber battles in the street.

I’m going to peace out, enjoy life, and dole out some cuddles to a deserving creature now.

Until next time…


On why I won’t be sharing delivery stories, baby pictures, and the like.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Hey there, loyal minions! No baby yet, for those of you who would ask.

I’ve had more than a few inquiries on whether or not I’ll be sharing labour and delivery stories, baby pictures, and the like. The answer is no, and the reason for that is twofold.

First off, while the vast majority of you folks are cool, the reality of being in the public eye, even when you’re relatively low-profile as I am is that you can attract those that are a bit…unbalanced. Sometimes, you end up having to deal with someone that develops unhealthy fixations, and as a public figure, you’re the target of those fixations. In addition, scrutiny comes with ready criticism, especially in an anonymous environment like the internet. Now, I knew all this when I started working for Naked News, and I accepted these possibilities because to me, the benefits outweighed the possible detriments. I have never once regretted my decision. I love Naked News, and I can’t wait to get back to work again. Working for NN has been overwhelmingly positive for me, and has opened the door to opportunities I never thought I’d have and am entirely grateful for.

I was comfortable sharing my pregnancy with our viewers because that was exclusively my body I was exposing. I am not comfortable exposing my child to the outside world, for his own safety and security- and also because I believe that is not a decision I am entitled to make for him. As a mother, my job is to keep my child safe.

The next reason is that I still want to maintain a sense of my own identity. I don’t want to be “the pregnant one” or “Mommy” professionally. I still maintain my own interests and my own personality. I LIKE being the Overlady and the Naked Nerd. My love of Emma Frost, Star Wars, and my PS3 hasn’t changed. My desire to rule the world by amassing an army of loyal nerd minions has not changed, and professionally, I want that to be the forefront of what most people see.

So I’ll announce the birth, for those of you who are curious, but I won’t be sharing any more information than that.