Who Wore It Better- A Game

by on July 13th, 2010
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Loyal minions!  You folks who follow me on twitter got a taste of this game last night in the wee hours of the morning, but for the rest of you…we’re going to play a game.  It’s called, Who Wore It Better.  I’m going to show you two comic book characters, and you’re going to tell me who wore the costume better.  First Ms. Marvel.

Who wore it better….

Carol Danvers

…Or Karla Sofen?

Who wore it better?



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  • RunsLikeBadger

    I like Carol Danvers, but I really like the red and black design. It feels slightly more “classic”.

  • Searcher


    Kat, I don’t want to sound overly negative, but Ms. Marvel is a bit too obscure for me to have a qualified opinion about which alter-ego is the “best”.

    Besides, I DO follow you on Twitter, as you already ought to know. It’s just that I am normally fast asleep
    at 3-4 in the morning when this “event” happened so
    it completely slipped past me.

    Still, in my completely unqualified opinion, Karla Sofen has the coolest costume.

    One of your quadrillions of loyal minion,

  • Anthony Mark

    oh I thin Carole Danvers

  • Tony

    I’m going with Carol. She’s buff, stacked and gorgeous – everything about her just screams “super-hero”. She’s got the “it” factor. Karla looks like a skinny b*tch trying to be sexy. With apologies to Peter Parker, red as a primary color doesn’t make a bold heroic statement the way dark blue or black does.

    Also, total personal preference – sash, long gloves and tall boots are teh win.

  • Stephen

    Totally Karla. She’s got the bad girl thing going on. Plus, Karla would never have let Rogue put her in a coma.

  • Karla Sofen wore it best.

  • JB

    Carol Danvers, mainly because that is the costume I know her in most. Karla looks nicer in this comparison though.

  • Charles Stacy II

    I am going to have to go with Karla Sofen on this one I think.

  • David L.

    If we’re going by these pics, I too will have to say Karla Sofen

  • Threk

    As I said on twitter…

    In my mind
    Karla Sofen is Moonstone
    Carol Danvers is Mrs Marvel

    Of course I haven’t read the Dark Avengers where Karla started being called Mrs Marvel.

    Did they ever have Carol comment on Karla using the name?

    Kat’s Loyal Minion

  • Carol Danvers ftw.

    @threk i think Carol punched someone really hard when she found out.

  • Chris

    If we really wanted to get technical here, i would have to point out that the costumes aren’t really the same. Karla’s is really more similar to Mar-Vel’s costume and in some ways looks better, but Carol is to me the real Ms. Marvel, so I’d have to say she wore it better. Yes, even her original midrif-baring costume looked good in my opinion. At least it was original.

  • Ian Explosivo

    Karla for sure.

  • Dan Bickerstaff

    I’m gonna have to say Carol Danvers for this one. Though the artwork was much better in The Dark Avengers

  • JuggaloX13

    If I had to chose between the two. I’d have to go against Moonstone and pick Carol Danvers. I would how ever like to nominate Sharon Ventura also…

  • I could see Kat as Ms. Marvel in live action adaption.

  • Searcher

    Yeah, Kat definitely roxor the soxor! (Don’t ask me what that means.)

    I can imagine her as a perfect Wonder Woman (greatest superheroine EVER!). She certainly has the heroic stature and build, something most hollywood-actresses I can think of completely lacks!

  • Rafael

    Carol Danvers

  • The Great Excelcior

    They both look Marvelous, but I think Carol Danvers’ colour combo stands out the best. Either way, it looks more like body paint than cloth the way it follows the skin, even into the small hollows between her ribs and muscles.

  • malchak

    definitely carol. the high boots leading up to that finely proportionate, barely-covered ass (tell me you wouldn’t want to smacks that). up from the bare hips is a tight waist overshadowed by the part of the costume that must experience the most stress: holding up those heaving breasts. to top it off you have the long, sexy gloves to match the boots. her outfit accentuates her form better. i’d say it’s no contest but to each their own

  • malchak

    also best character in ultimate alliance 2. just saying

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