Video Blog: On why Batman almost got me kicked out of the Linville Caverns

by on July 21st, 2010
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  • Mike Allain

    About the Jason Todd after the Pit comment… Ouch..

  • Anthony Mark

    now that guy was just mean
    who could not love the Adorable Kat Curits

    that was so cute what you did

  • Scorv

    Nice vid. Like how it was less rehearsed and staged than the old NNC ones.

    And yeah. that guy sounds like his career adviser told him be would be better off living in a cave and our robin misunderstood and went for tour guide rather than Hermit.

    Would make my day if someone interrupted me at work with battlestar galactica references

  • Threk

    You would think that he’d be happy to have someone make his boring day more interesting.

    Kat’s Loyal Minion

  • Searcher

    Yes, that tour guide certainly sounds like a humour-less numbskull. Pretty darn awesome that you have the guts to pull off stunts like that. I like Batman, so I would have welcomed such a reprieve from my daily chores any time.

    This video are very pleasant to watch, by the way. You are very expressive, and I love your coquettish
    mannerisms. I see you’re wearing the bra from the zombie-shoot as well. It suits you very well.

    Thank you for sharing one of your vacation-experiences!

    One of your quadrillions of loyal minions,

  • David L.

    Now, now, you shouldn’t tease the troglodytes, for they are envious of our surface world and when the Mole Man returns to lead them, their sullen, heavily-pierced armies will rise up through sinkholes at major interections everywhere there is a Starbucks.

  • Mark Harry

    Some people just don’t have a sense of humor. I loved what you had to say. I would have ask about the Batmobile, too. We have the Ape Caves here, Ape as in Bigfoot. NO Guides, you do it yourself.

  • Tone

    Anyone immune to yor charms is brain-dead!

  • JB

    Haha, what a good laugh. Sounds like he maybe one of those peeps that prefers real dolls.

  • Charles

    I can’t believe anyone would be immune to your charms. It boggles the mind. I’ll be your Robbin anytime.

    Hope the rest of your vacation was better!

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