On San Diego, the Fail Hat, Topless Psychics, and Mr. T

by on July 23rd, 2010
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Loyal minions!
Okay, first up, a shameless plug, because Naked News pays my bills, therefore I must promote Naked News. This weekend on the Nerd, I give you the latest gaming news; PLUS, Mr. T and WoW, and if Wes Anderson made God Of War into a film…that’s all coming up this weekend on the show. Sign up and watch it here.

In other news: today I was a topless fortune teller. See, I’m a big fan of Michael Shermer, the publisher of The Skeptic magazine, and ever since reading Why People Believe Weird Things, I’ve been fascinated with a technique most “psychics” use, called Cold Reading. So for the past year, I’ve wanted to do a “topless psychic” Naked In The Streets, and it turned out to be…well, entertaining. We’ll be airing it on the show in a few weeks, so you can see how it went. Cold reading is really fascinating.

As far as everyone asking me if I’m going to San Diego…not this year, unfortunately. I’ve had a busy summer and I’m trying to get the Questys off the ground, so I’ll be making the trip next year. I hope. And to all of you who are at SDCC without me…why didn’t you bring me, you jerk? I thought you and I were friends, man. I’d be an awesome booth babe, and I’ll sleep on a floor! You can even pack me in your luggage. I mean, yes, I’m freakishly tall, but I’m very bendy…I’d fold up nicely, promise!

And our graphics guru, Leo, wore the NN Fail Hat yesterday! For those of you unaware of the Lore of the Mighty Fail Hat, let me explain:

After a major fail by one of our cameramen which resulted in a very cranky Kat having to reshoot the same segment five times, we at NN decided that failing at our job would have dire consequences; these dire consequences being a rather public humiliation. So, with the help of our intrepid editor Nate, we constructed a Fail Hat. This is a hat we would all be forced to wear if we committed various failings.

I’ve worn it more than once:

Well, today it was Leo’s turn. Why did Leo wear the Fail hat today? Well, Leo needed new socks. Leo’s a veritable giant of a man, easily dwarfing my six-foot frame. So, needless to day, Leo needed to find large socks.

Well, Leo confused “large” with “long”. When he brought the socks back to the studio, we tried to tell him they’d never fit him.

See, Leo bought girls’ knee socks for himself.

He vehemently denied it, until he tried to put the socks on. Here’s a visual for you:

Yep, the socks wouldn’t fit on Leo’s big mitts. In fact, those socks would have been too small for MY feet. Well done, Leo! Congrats on your first FAIL! It gets easier with each fail, I promise.

Also, this video may be the best thing ever made. I’ve watched it about eighty times and it still makes me giggle:

This is what the internet is MADE for!

And one more picture, before you go. Here’s a candid group shot (with our lovely photographer Teri) of all the anchors of Naked News:

Lots of love!


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