Vlog! On Jeph Jacques, Gutters, and other awesome stuff.

by on July 25th, 2010
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Want to see more videos like this? Or see this one uncensored? Feel free to go here! (I know the site design is a little…loud…for some, but I promise the content is amazing and NOT what you’d expect!)

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  • Anthony Mark

    I love the new video!
    thank you

    You are the most awesome of awesome nerds ever!

  • Searcher

    Well this isn’t exactly a new video, but it is a nice starting point for folks who haven’t decided on wether to subscribe to Naked News nonetheless!

    I can’t remember ever giving any feedback on this particular segment before, so here it is:

    Questionable Content is by far one of the most interesting webcomics I’ve read so far. I’m still only at strip 730 though! Erk, I better start catching up with it soon! I haven’t actually started reading The Gutters yet, but perhaps I will eventually.

    You showed the facehugger in a pretty irreverent light at the end there! That’s one of the many things I like about you; that you don’t take all the stuff we all love so gosh-darned seriously.

    Oh, and I see you mentioning on twitter that it’s Threk
    who is responsible for this censored version as well, so thank you, Threk! If this vlog can convince anyone who is still sitting on the fence about whether to sign up
    for Naked News or not , that’s a good thing in my book!

    Kat, you are very talented!

    One of your quadrillions of loyal minions,

  • I love Questionable Content! And I’ll check out The Gutters.

    I am now scarred by that facehugger.

  • Oh, great. I’ve successfully avoided getting a Twitter account for years, and now I’ll have to get one just go get more of my QC fix.

  • Excellent! I buzzed over here from Something Positive, and am so delighted to see that featured Questionable Content (as well as Least I Could Do and Looking for Group).

    Super awesome work. Keep it up!

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