Video Blog: On the Sims, Paintball, and Black Ops

by on November 16th, 2010
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Still fighting with Cafepress, once I get that up and running I’ll have some new swag for you.

In the meantime, here’s a video blog for you guys:


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  • You pulled a Dick Cheney on one of your teammates?!!?

    You are so not on my paintball team.

  • Neil

    Sorry to hear that your paintball time was such a mixed experience. Who knows, practice makes perfect right? At least now if we see you with bruises on NN, we’ll know that nothing sordid happened to you!

    As for Black Ops, I agree it seems overhyped….half these games just seem like thinly veiled recruiting tools anyway.

  • Scorv

    nuts. someone beat me to the Dick Cheney joke

  • The Great Excelcior

    I can picture it… zo, Lukasss ve haff vays of makink you send me to San Diego vorrr ze comik covention! More vaterboart!

  • Scorv

    Forward your burlesque video to the people at cafepress.

    Once they see what you do to people that get between you and your swag I’m sure they will be more cooperative

  • Mark

    You’re one of my loved champion team members—Even the Web spiders, and bad guys known that (they’re afraid of you and wanted to suppress freedoms).

    As Scrov said, show the video to the cafepress team—some people have misconceptions about veggies.

  • Galexite

    Black Ops IS overrated. I wouldn’t want to torture innocent Sims though.

  • We all have bumps and bruises.

  • Ivan Kreipe

    Thanks for reading my letter on MMA on your show today! As for writing for your show, give me an assignment.

    just so you know it’s really me, here’s some more of what you didn’t read.
    As for today, anyone who knows anything at all about the sport will tell you that the title of best MMA fighter is one of only two fighters who have yet to meet. There simply is no other options. Brock Lesnar is one and the other is Fedor Emelianenko.
    Since I wrote that, Lesnar was TKO’d by Cain Velasquez in one.


  • JuggaloX13

    What problems are you having with Cafepress?

  • Paintball bruises are sexy :)

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