Video Blog Tuesday! (I know, it’s a Wednesday. Shut up.)

by on November 24th, 2010
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  • Anthony Mark

    Good for you Kat!
    Women should not have to put up with that behavior

  • Scorv

    How could you not be blown away by someone so awesome. I mean do you know how competitive it is to get on a tv “movie” that runs at gawd-awful o’clock in the morning?

    He must of been able to convince HBO that he is slightly more interesting than a testscreen and constant tone that stations normally run at that time of night.

    Clearly he is someone who is winning at life if he can compete with a testscreen, some of these testscreens have bright colours after all

    Well that’s enough sarcasm.

    Story’s like that make me glad to be a guy, at least that way unwanted attention from the opposite sex isn’t intimidating

    Jealous about all the gaming events your getting to go to. Haven’t tried the sims yet but last week has disappeared thanks to the new call of duty multi-player

  • Hi Katherine,
    Yes, the’re those Men that are very Rude and Obnoxious in Public, and I’m glad that you were there just to observe for yourself how Men that think the’re up on a Scale of being on HBO doesn’t give them the right to act in such Stupity like that.

  • Neil


    Sorry to hear about the creepy weirdo, but don’t give it another thought. Thanks for all your efforts to keep us updated on your life adventures; I love your segments on NN!

  • JuggaloX13

    I am SO gonna photoshop a “Uncle Creepy: The Porn Hobo” for you to use in your CafePress store. lol

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