I <3 The Dark Side.

by on November 30th, 2010
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Here’s the proof:

(I also apparently REALLY love my Emma Frost costume.)

That’s why I was really chuffed to talk to Her Universe founder and Clone Wars voice actor Ashley Eckstein at NYCC.  You can see the interview on this weekend’s show here.

Video blog to come later today, after I’m all prettied up.
Kat Curtis

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  • Mark Harry

    Love your pictures Kat. You are so hot, did you make them yourself or have them made for you? They fit too well to be “off the shelf”. I look forward to seeing you everyday on NN. Peace and Love, Mark

  • Scorv

    Time for a game of spot the starwars reference

    Rules are count the number of individual starwars characters in the pictures. Im at 23

  • Neil

    Great pictures! It was my understanding that you were a “Marvel” kinda girl, but I see you being seduced to the DC side of things with many of your comic tastes these days. Do you like both companies or is it just that, like me, you think DC has risen in quality while Marvel has fallen from its once great heights?

  • /me impatiently taps foot for new vlog
    (not that Kat needs any prettying up whatsoever)

  • admin

    No vlog today, my webcam is acting up. You’ll get one tomorrow, I promise.

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