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by on January 30th, 2012
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Loyal minions!

So if you watched the NN weekend magazine, you’ll have heard the news.  I am now officially on maternity leave from the show.  It was a moment we all knew was coming, but packing up my dressing room table was still a sad moment for me, even though I know I’ll be back in about six months or so.

I’m going to miss coming into the office.

I’m going to miss bantering with our writer Greg, or playfully trading insults with our cameraman Hart.

I’m going to miss writing the Naked Nerd, arranging interviews, and tooling around conventions armed only with a killer PVC outfit, a microphone, and my sardonic, razor-sharp wit.

I’m going to miss my minions, especially my most loyal minion, Threk, who has been my most avid supporter since I joined the show.
And, let’s face it…I’m going to miss norks.  Norks in the dressing rooms, norks in the studios, norks lining the walls, norks in the halls, norks on the street, and norks on the beach.

I’m being a bit melodramatic.  This isn’t the end.  This is just a break.  I’ll be back, and in the meantime, I won’t be incommunicado.  I’ll be on twitter, on my blog here, and I might even post the occasional video blog or two.  I’m going to take care of my new family, and then when I have that fully under control, I’m gonna come back to NN, and I’m going to take care of YOU, minions.

(Wow, that sounded like a threat, didn’t it?)

Anyway, I’ll see you on the show again around September.  In the meantime, see you here!


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