On events and a quick look at body image.

by on February 8th, 2012
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It’s strange, not having to be on camera.  Refreshing.  I’ve put makeup on once in two weeks and it’s nice to let my skin breathe for a change.  This is the longest stretch I’ve gone without makeup since I was around eighteen- I’ve been on camera for various reasons since then.

It’s tough, getting used to all the changes in my body.  The aesthetic aspects of the changes, I can deal with- it’s the immobility that’s hard to take.  It’s kind of debasing to not be able to get your own socks on- and get stuck in bathtubs.

But hey, at least I can still smile.

Things around the Toronto area I will be at:

Mullet’s Night Show

The Nerdist show

The 4th annual X and O show

My friend Nicole has an exhibit in that show- she’s the one who took those maternity nudes I posted a few blogs back.


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