On why I won’t be sharing delivery stories, baby pictures, and the like.

by on March 7th, 2012
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Hey there, loyal minions! No baby yet, for those of you who would ask.

I’ve had more than a few inquiries on whether or not I’ll be sharing labour and delivery stories, baby pictures, and the like. The answer is no, and the reason for that is twofold.

First off, while the vast majority of you folks are cool, the reality of being in the public eye, even when you’re relatively low-profile as I am is that you can attract those that are a bit…unbalanced. Sometimes, you end up having to deal with someone that develops unhealthy fixations, and as a public figure, you’re the target of those fixations. In addition, scrutiny comes with ready criticism, especially in an anonymous environment like the internet. Now, I knew all this when I started working for Naked News, and I accepted these possibilities because to me, the benefits outweighed the possible detriments. I have never once regretted my decision. I love Naked News, and I can’t wait to get back to work again. Working for NN has been overwhelmingly positive for me, and has opened the door to opportunities I never thought I’d have and am entirely grateful for.

I was comfortable sharing my pregnancy with our viewers because that was exclusively my body I was exposing. I am not comfortable exposing my child to the outside world, for his own safety and security- and also because I believe that is not a decision I am entitled to make for him. As a mother, my job is to keep my child safe.

The next reason is that I still want to maintain a sense of my own identity. I don’t want to be “the pregnant one” or “Mommy” professionally. I still maintain my own interests and my own personality. I LIKE being the Overlady and the Naked Nerd. My love of Emma Frost, Star Wars, and my PS3 hasn’t changed. My desire to rule the world by amassing an army of loyal nerd minions has not changed, and professionally, I want that to be the forefront of what most people see.

So I’ll announce the birth, for those of you who are curious, but I won’t be sharing any more information than that.


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