On why I won’t be sharing delivery stories, baby pictures, and the like.

by on March 7th, 2012
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Hey there, loyal minions! No baby yet, for those of you who would ask.

I’ve had more than a few inquiries on whether or not I’ll be sharing labour and delivery stories, baby pictures, and the like. The answer is no, and the reason for that is twofold.

First off, while the vast majority of you folks are cool, the reality of being in the public eye, even when you’re relatively low-profile as I am is that you can attract those that are a bit…unbalanced. Sometimes, you end up having to deal with someone that develops unhealthy fixations, and as a public figure, you’re the target of those fixations. In addition, scrutiny comes with ready criticism, especially in an anonymous environment like the internet. Now, I knew all this when I started working for Naked News, and I accepted these possibilities because to me, the benefits outweighed the possible detriments. I have never once regretted my decision. I love Naked News, and I can’t wait to get back to work again. Working for NN has been overwhelmingly positive for me, and has opened the door to opportunities I never thought I’d have and am entirely grateful for.

I was comfortable sharing my pregnancy with our viewers because that was exclusively my body I was exposing. I am not comfortable exposing my child to the outside world, for his own safety and security- and also because I believe that is not a decision I am entitled to make for him. As a mother, my job is to keep my child safe.

The next reason is that I still want to maintain a sense of my own identity. I don’t want to be “the pregnant one” or “Mommy” professionally. I still maintain my own interests and my own personality. I LIKE being the Overlady and the Naked Nerd. My love of Emma Frost, Star Wars, and my PS3 hasn’t changed. My desire to rule the world by amassing an army of loyal nerd minions has not changed, and professionally, I want that to be the forefront of what most people see.

So I’ll announce the birth, for those of you who are curious, but I won’t be sharing any more information than that.


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  • Gail

    I fully agree and support your decisions. You and only you know what is best for you and your new family. You are missed ant NN and I am looking forward to your return. Good luck.

  • Scorv

    Sounds wise to keep your family life private. I’m a nobody of no interest and even i hide behind a gamer tag.

    Can only hope that what ever experience you have had with unbalanced people hasn’t been too distressing.

    Wish you good luck with the birth, hope you enjoy your maternity leave and looking forward to seeing the nerd segments start up again when you get back

  • Ray Phoenix

    I believe I speak for most when I say thank you for sharing! However, your right! Private is private and it is your choice to live your life the way that suits you! Stick to your convictions Kat!!!


  • I totally agree and I think it is the best choice both for the safety of your child and your personal image.

    I am really happy you are bless with this experience, and I pretty sure you will have to “battle” over your PS4 in a couple of years.

    A big kiss from Madrid, Spain.

  • Lauren P

    Hey, that stuff’s none of our business anyway. As long as the flow of nudity and nerdity continues, all is right with the world.

  • Jim - Florida

    Applause, applause, applause, applesauce

  • :- )) That was funny, Katherine. …miss You!

  • Mark

    I am glad everything is going well for you and your yet to be born son. I hope it continues. Best wishes and I look forward to your return to Naked News. It just isn’t the same without you.
    Spokane, WA

  • Arundel

    Quite possibly the most eloquent “public eye” commentary I have ever read! Bravo and good health to you and the little one.

  • Phil

    Well said, dear Uberlady, filled with the intelligence and humor that have become your hallmarks. I want to ask where were you 35 years ago, but you weren’t ANYWHERE 35 years ago! Just my luck. Be well.
    Your loyalest minion,

  • Jim - Florida

    Nope…didn’t forget you yet. Sorry, I can’t be a minion without an Actors’ Equity contract. I can admire you though.

  • Andy

    I have to admit I am not surprised at a level of privacy to which a birthing mother might adhere. What brings me to your page today is actually unrelated.

    A radio station to which I listen regularly today asked their audience to respond on the question of keeping the wearing of superhero gear to the kids. I am not sure how much, if any, of my own comment will be placed in public view, but it would surely take a bite out of your blog.

    I thought you would like to hear and respond -

    Should adults avoid wearing superhero emblems or similar clothing in public?

    My response, if included, should be found here:


  • Matt Oregon

    Right on mom good for you!! Hope all is well and have fun with the new addition!

  • Photogeak

    That is a fantastic decision,while I love your segments and perspective I think it’s great that you are not trading of the novelty of your child..bravo…

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