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2012 was a big year for me. I won’t get into all of the things I accomplished, but I was very productive last year, both personally and professionally.

2013 is the year I turn 30. I have a family, a new home, and a slew of new projects I’m planning to get off the ground. here are some of my plans for 2013:
-finish the first draft of my novel
-do more standup comedy
-start a vegan catering business on the side
-work on a few more entertainment-related projects
-read more comic books (I’ve fallen off the wagon lately due to being busy with ALL THE THINGS, and I miss them)
-plan more events
-get some wonderful interviews and do more Naked Nerd segments
-go to ECCC

I have a strong group of people behind me, including a coalition of some strong, amazing geek girls that was formed at the Futurecon party this year, so I’m confident I’m going to rock this year.

30 is going to be my year, guys. I’m going to rock this decade change.

Here’s a picture of my recent Paul Buceta shoot. I don’t usually publish nude pictures on here- so enjoy, because this doesn’t happen often. More of these pictures will be on the Naked News website soon, and you’ll be able to purchase signed copies.

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  • Andy

    I was sorely disappointed in the recent adaptation of The Green Hornet. I have no previous comparison to put against it, but I comprehend the strength in its design. Moreover, in recent days I have learned one of my favorite actors, Bruce Lee, was in a past production of this title. With this in mind, I tracked down a less-recent presentation featuring a man with whom I am unfamiliar. I see some of Kato’s fighting, but the actor in this case seems to not have Martial Arts in his repertoire as I expected by a man filling that role. However, the plot is a clear rise in quality from that recent failure. It would be a very nice falsehood for me to say that I am a Martial Artist. In place of that, please allow that I wish I were.
    It seems as if the plot in which The Green Hornet makes its home is to identify racketeers for whom there is no line one should not cross, so long as money and power are gained. On this score I am reminded of a similar self-identification by the Joker as represented by Heath Ledger. I am not sure which came first, Batman or The Green Hornet, but I am certain their codes of honor would match up exactly. They are forced by current conditions to appear criminal while working for a greater good. Neither would kill, whatever the reason. I see, however, that sometimes the Green Hornet does give the impression that he is willing to kill, and sometimes implicates himself as if to be criminal while being in a position that requires criminal favor. I do suppose Batman would do the same, but I can’t really point to it.
    My issue here is understanding that confessions written under duress by threat of death are likely to be for that reason disregarded. It is one thing to say he presents the truth, and another thing entirely to have confession signed under duress supported by a court. While this is a solid plot, any serious criminal mastermind would not hang on this. At least, that’s where my opinion stands. With that in mind, although The Green Hornet is clearly a force to be reckoned with, the coercion of confession must be excised, or necessarily would dismantle such a force.

    Kat, you look incredible.

  • Mark fm Spokane

    Kat, this is the absolutely most beautiful picture you have ever published. You are a woman at her best.

  • Viktor

    You’re very optimistic about turning 30. That’s very inspiring. :) I’m not as optimistic about turning 30 myself… Fortunately, that’s still about half a decade away. But I’ll try and follow your example when I do.

    And that is a stunning picture. One of your best ever. I’ve always wanted to buy a few signed Naked News photos so this will be a good time to start. Kat, you’re easily one of the most beautiful anchors on the show, which is saying a lot because you’re all very gorgeous women.

  • Pom

    I recently discovered Naked News by accident (as you do), though I am not a subscriber as yet. I’m also a vegan and was surprised to find out that you are. Were there ever plans for a British version of NN?

    On a completely separate subject, did Gerry Anderson’s recent passing away get reported on NN? I guess you are a bit young to have watched UFO or Space 1999 back in the day, but how do you rate them?

    Oh – and love the photo – it is excellent!

  • You look great!!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 30 years that is a milestone, girl. I wish you a prosperous upcoming year!!! <3 Best wishes!!! Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Chris

    It’s a shame that most of the people I subscribed to NN for have left the show. I also looked forward to more Naked Nerd segments from you when you returned to the fold, Ms. Curtis, but unfortunately, they didn’t seem to happen (at least not that I ever saw, anyway). Now, for some reason, whenever I watch the show, I can guarantee that sometime during the day after, my computer will blue screen on me. All these reasons together pretty much assure me I won’t be renewing my NN membership, but I wish you the best, in all your endeavors, personal and professional.

  • Pom

    Oh well, looks like my post of 13 Jan didn’t get through moderation. I shouldn’t have admitted to being a vegan.

  • Andy

    I had not seen the site until now, so preparatory to offering this comment I visited peta.xxx, which for those with strong stomach I would recommend.

    It is clear that PETA has predisposition against cruelty and slaughter of animals. Well, of course, they are People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

    When Noah, his wife and three sons and their wives exited the Ark, it was God’s voice permitting the consumption of animals for food. Permitted yes; but good for us was something else. Argument to the contrary comes when God tells the New Testament writer that animals thought unclean are good for food.

    I am nowhere close to proclaiming all should adopt the vegetarian lifestyle, but when I was in the market two days ago for a different purpose, I passed the meat counter. A boy of perhaps 10 years was standing there trying to get the attention of the man at the counter only to tell him that one of the lobsters was dead. As I looked, it was obvious to me the one he was identifying, although all of them were effectively immobile.

    My reason to write is this. If we disregard animal cruelty, or that animals were not in the beginning permitted to be our food, it is still worth our concern that if we eat something, that product should have been well-prepared. I do not get the impression the meat preparers within our legal bounds are doing that sort of job, and so it is up to the consumer. Best wishes.

  • Andy

    Follow-up on previous.

    I have a strong business mind-set, and although in this I am currently inactive, this is still the way I think. Because of that, I thought I might offer an investor’s perspective on the question of how to aim at improving food quality as a consumer and investor.

    In the movie The Ramen Girl, we see an illustration that the creator of food is generally taken to be good quality, so much that whatever I create in the line of food I might depend that the person who receives it will make it a part of himself or herself.

    Therefore, food preparation is by definition an investment into the very lives of people. If it had been a purchase of stock (a financial interest in a company), and the purchase had turned out badly, it was that buyer’s fault for insufficient research or bad luck.

    Is it possible that beyond buying foods to eat I might positively affect the marketplace with investment dollars?

    As a stock investor I have found that some stocks I owned in past which I learned were of companies that perform operations I cannot accept, I must sell that stock. As an owner of stock, I think of myself as paying a company for doing …. whatever it is they do. It’s one thing to say I don’t like cherries, but something else entirely to say I know the work of the company hurts people.

    I have not found that tradable stocks are among these; but surely we may find that dollars earmarked for investment could do more than better the pocketbook. Also look into commodities, by which means any farmers will certainly curtail their own losses.

  • Andy

    Having recently purchased Windows 8, initially I was completely annoyed at the nature of this new, versus the old, Windows version. Actually, this does seem to continue; but some great things are in Windows 8, which I have not seen before.

    I found an app-store, which I find has a Univision channel, which I use to better my Spanish and follow Hispanic news. Also, there is something called Tales from Shakespeare. I have just completed Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I do not know if all of the playwright’s works are in it, but I find included with the printed abridged text is the incredible voice of Karen Savage, one new to me. Pity it’s not Marina.

    I also recalled that I accepted a free trial on audible.com, which has an app in Windows 8; and through it I now have The Wizard of Oz (unabridged), in English and Spanish.

  • Andy

    I just got to thinking about when I went back to visit my first college. I had bought a camera and was hoping to get pictures of my best friends from college life. One happened at that time to be pregnant and for that reason I was not permitted her photo. She said she didn’t think she looked good right at that time. Even though I couldn’t disagree more, I do understand it is in a sense a brand new definition of how you look and who you are.
    So, I’m just sad that I don’t have her picture.

  • Andy

    I’d like to register a complaint. Of course, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Here, I’ll give you the bit and we can go on.

    Perhaps you remember the episode way back when, in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, when the show had two women kissing passionately. It was so much fuss when Rejoined came out, that the Christian community just couldn’t shut up.

    I guess that’s something to be bothered about for some people, but my determination to watch all episodes of the series seems to have been squashed by the fuss. Maybe now that it’s died down I could find it somewhere.

    Where would I put that complaint?

  • Andy

    I’m sorry to say I have not yet sampled the non-dairy goods you recommended recently. I did, however, make special note of the website to which you refer. I failed initially to remember the website or company name, although it may seem an obvious thing to remember. If I get the idea correct, this is worth remembering. If that’s so, then let us put it where we will see it. Here’s a free plug. I do hope to sample it soon.


  • Andy

    There are certain game series that tend to keep my attention. There’s Civilization, Tomb Raider, Doom and Wolfenstein, of which I have almost all that has been made. Another series fits this description as well: X-Com.

    This was created more than a decade ago as a simple enough game, which proposes the earth is being invaded by aliens, perhaps from Mars; and the player’s position is the leader of Earth’s defense against this threat. There were five proper sequels, two that don’t quite fit the description or pattern of those previous games, and a new version called X-Com: Enemy Unknown, which in one representation was also the title of the first installment.

    In previous versions, the designers kept basically to the same pattern and changed names and presentations of the things in the game. In the latest version, graphics is clearly the first difference. However, do not imagine this ends with a great light show and no substance.

    With X-Com, the two things that are greatest factors are development of one’s forces and readiness to combat invaders, which inevitably ends with an implied suggestion that the greatest threat by the enemy is a mental attack, for which reason the leader of defense forces must develop this sort of ability among troops.

    The latest X-Com presents this part masterfully — so much so that it is the reason I decided to tell you about it.

  • Andy, I LURVE X-Com. But, looking at X-com canon, You are a prat. Look it up.You’re perverting it to somehow attack Kat, which is Woefully Flawed. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but Kat is a wonderful gamer-geek that really endorses the Gamer-Geek opinion, but you want to pull out the dagger and assassinate her opinion, as so often happens with IGN or GameSpot.

    Scroll back and find 6 or 8 posts in just the last page. Mostly erratic and incoherent.

    Do you have access to psychiatric help?

  • Andy

    Today I watched a movie called La Soga, which is Spanish for ‘The Rope’. The main character is a young boy, son of a butcher. Immediately and throughout the movie, there is a good deal of senseless murder. This boy asks to be taught butchery, and we see the boy’s father place the point of a knife just under a foreleg on their target pig. With two hands on the knife handle, the knife is pushed through the heart of the pig. It is said this causes a minimal loss of blood because blood is used for some products to sell.
    It is one thing to see senseless killing and know something must be missing in the character of those who for whatever reason may kill other people; but this movie illustrates that part of that which is missing is removed in the boy who witnesses the killing of an animal.
    In the bit after killing the pig, his own father is murdered, senselessly, and provides reason for his own move into a new profession as an assassin.
    Moreover, his own butcher experience provides him experience and tools that bring the new profession as assassin.
    The man recoils from his life as assassin, and he seeks the resources to bring evidence against the military general who is in charge of the entire system for which he has been working.
    La Soga ends with … well, we can’t tell you that; but the first thing we see, before the movie’s plot begins, is that La Soga is inspired by true events. How sad.

  • Andy

    Second week of the new series ‘Agents of SHIELD has started, which I am sure is no news to you. I did want to offer what I hope will continue to be a hearty endorsement of the show. I started trying to describe the plot, which I conclude is either redundant or would be a spoiler, so I’ll just say I’m very happy to see the end-product thus far.

    Let us suppose, however, that Marvel learns of your true genius and begs you to produce for them, — please, oh please, let me hear more of that incredible voice of Elizabeth Henstridge. I have seen that other people appear unaffected by voices as I am, which confuses me completely, and also embarrasses me in that I appear so easily swayed. Yet sometimes only for the voice of Jordan Kendall (Joanna Gleason) I greatly look forward to certain episodes of The West Wing; Even John Spencer, displays a very nice picture of her and says ‘Look at that smile! You could light up Chicago.’ He was right.
    So while it might be argued that Bones and Terminator’s Sarah Connnor Chronicles are a feast for the incredible looks of Emily Deschanel and Summer Glau – and while I do agree, that which I most anticipate on these are the voices of Zooey Deschanel and Summer Glau.
    I suppose after watching Live Free or Die Hard, one may ascertain that I am not the only one with this condition.
    It’s just that I feel weird, vulnerable, broken, excited, invigorated, and embarrassed – all at the same time. Do tell me I am not alone.

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