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by on October 30th, 2013
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It’s a rare lonesome night this evening.  I’m cuddled up on the couch, some older-catalog Dresden Dolls playing in the background (Amanda Palmer’s voice always sounds like autumn personified to me), fire blazing in my fireplace, and a hot cup of Mom’s Apple Pie tea from David’s Tea resting on my coffee table as I type my first missive to you in months.  I love lonely nights like this, after my son has gone to bed, when my house is all mine and no noises disturb the calm but the ones I allow.

Peace.  Quiet.  Such loveliness.

Me, right now.

Two more episodes left for Naked News Uncovered: http://www.superchannel.ca/series/view/56198605/Naked-News-Uncovered

I hope you get the chance to watch these episodes, even if you haven`t caught the program up until now.  I`m proud of them.

Did you guys know I have a new vegan cooking blog?  It`s right here: http://wholedecadence.blogspot.ca

I have work to do, so I bid you goodnight, my darlings.



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  • Hey glad to see the blog getting updated again..do you know if there is a spot we can download the show here in the states?

  • Glad to see your updating the blog again…Do you know if there is a site we in the states can download the episodes of NN uncovered?

  • omar

    Well, it’s about time you posted. How can we devoted Minions serve our Overlady if she doesn’t give us secret messages through her blog?

  • Chris

    Hi… I hope everything’s going well for you and your son :) I miss reading your blogs here, or whatever you want to call them, but I imagine you’re extremely busy, now more than ever with a growing little one so i don’t imagine you get much spare time to write anything here, but it IS appreciated when you manage to be able to. Wish you could make a couple public appearances here in the US occasionally too, but I can understand that’s not easy either. Anyway, remember there are still some of us here who still look for new updates here:) Take care, and happy holidays…

  • admin

    Not yet- you can try following Naked News Uncovered on Facebook, and sending a message to them. That’s all in their hands.

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