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by on December 17th, 2013
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*BZZT* After some technical difficulties, it looks like I’m back up and running here.

Have you checked out our new site yet? We got a facelift with our HD treatment, and it looks stunningly beautiful. I’m so happy with how it looks.

Speaking of changes, I’ve been working out a ton, and trying to be more active. I’ve gained five pounds, but my hips and waist are smaller, so that means I’m gaining muscle. Who wants to fight me?

Some random thoughts:

-I think what I’m most grateful for about my life is that it’s been difficult enough to give me character and strengthen me, but not so hard that it’s made me cynical or bitter. I’m a lucky woman.

I feel great about how I look these days.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly going to play Dream in a Sandman adaptation. And he’s signed on as a producer. I’m cautiously thrilled.

I’m loving Cary Nord’s art on X-O Manowar #19. You should go check it out.


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  • Paul Cornett

    you are stunningly beautiful.. and brains to boot! a fellow geek here. I would fight you… i would even let you win :) You are by far my most favorite nn anchor. I am losing weight too and been working out by boxing/kickboxing. I even think you are stunningly beautiful without makeup… how many actually say that i wonder.

  • Threk

    For a live action Dream I always picture Neil Gaiman himself. I’m not sure how I’ll react to any actor in the role.

    As long as Gaiman has significant influence on it I’m betting I’ll like it. I have yet to dislike anything he’s worked on. Hell “Nightmare in Silver” was all about the Cybermen, arguably The Doctor’s most laughable opponent, and it still turned out good.

  • Andy

    I am very glad to see the revival of Nerd Bites, a tasty morsel from the Kat. Please forgive my unpleasant duty to include my own disdain for the subject matter itself, that of The Simpsons. Surely, it is a talented team that created them but I have found that when I have watched The Simpsons in the past, I have always felt the lesser for it. Perhaps this has something to do with the conditions in which it was viewed. I’ll just say I never chose to put that show on.

    I have found Stallone’s Judge Dredd on youtube. I have seen this before, but I do not recognize the intro. It does seem to be drawn from a comic, going by the nature of the introduction. Perhaps it’s been too long and I’ve forgotten. It was because I liked the original that I bought the recent remake, Dredd. That newer version did have a nice twist in it.

  • Andy

    I thought of you when I came across the show High School of the Dead on Amazon Prime. Recorded in Japanese, I have to pay close attention to the English subtitles, and I find that it’s necessary sometimes to decide whether I want to read the translation or watch the bouncing boobs and … well, other stuff.

    High School of the Dead sees a breakout of zombies in the Japanese school, where otherwise it’s basic high school kids fighting against strong and hungry enemies. Typical? Yes, it is. I’m on the third episode and interested in what happens next.

  • Andy

    Today I caught the first episode of Quantum Leap. Even though I have seen lots of episodes of this show, nothing at all in what I was watching looked familiar. However, familiarity had been dependable in filling in the gaps, until …
    … Our pal Sam leaps into the body of a young Air Force pilot who flies experimental planes. He is married, he has two children and his wife is pregnant. After leaping, he wakes up in this man’s bed, as the man himself, and is trying to find an explanation for who he is, where he is, and what’s going on. Al, the hologram in the form of his friend from the future, tells the stupefied Sam his name and little bits about an experiment, then disappears. Sam tries to clarify his own odd behavior with the pilot’s wife, but nobody believes the identity explanation or that he can’t remember how to fly. Arriving at the conclusion it is not going to work to tell the truth, the lie becomes the alternative. ‘I’m sorry, honey. I’m being such a nerd.’ He goes on to tell the man’s wife he’d been dreaming up ways to explain not remembering how to fly to his boss.’ ‘What’s a nerd?’ she says.
    And after all this time, I don’t get a fast answer that would work for someone who does not know the answer. Do you?

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