Who the %$#@ am I?

I’m Kat. I’m a fiercely passionate vegan nerd girl who loves dystopian lit, Geoff Johns’ work, Star Wars, Neil Gaiman, Strangers In Paradise, my PS3, Avatar comics, RPGs, geeking out, and being naked.

I joined Naked News in 2008, and created a segment based on stuff I love, called the Naked Nerd.

Comic books, video games, science-fiction… if it’s nerdy, Kat’s got you covered, baby! But this Naked Nerd isn’t content to rest on her laurels. I continue to write scripts and produce segments for everything from the Naked League Squad Patrol: Action Division to the Game Spot. Also, I’ve interviewed such notables as comic book legend Bob Layton, Least I Could Do/LFG’s Lar and Sohmer, BarBara Luna, zombie fiction expert Max Brooks, and writer/director Kevin Smith, I’m a regular on the renowned comics podcast ‘The Watchtower’, and was a nominee in Wired.com’s “Sexiest Geeks 2009” contest! (Though I think my Mommy may have nominated me.)

Keep your eyes peeled…I might be geeking out at a con near you!