Who the %$#@ am I?

I’m Kat. I’m a fiercely passionate vegan nerd girl who loves dystopian lit, Geoff Johns’ work, Star Wars, Neil Gaiman, Strangers In Paradise, my PS3, Avatar comics, RPGs, geeking out, and being naked.

I joined Naked News in 2008, and created a segment based on stuff I love, called the Naked Nerd.

Comic books, video games, science-fiction… if it’s nerdy, Kat’s got you covered, baby! But this Naked Nerd isn’t content to rest on her laurels. I continue to write scripts and produce segments for everything from the Naked League Squad Patrol: Action Division to the Game Spot. Also, I’ve interviewed such notables as comic book legend Bob Layton, Least I Could Do/LFG’s Lar and Sohmer, BarBara Luna, zombie fiction expert Max Brooks, and writer/director Kevin Smith, I’m a regular on the renowned comics podcast ‘The Watchtower’, and was a nominee in Wired.com’s “Sexiest Geeks 2009″ contest! (Though I think my Mommy may have nominated me.)

Keep your eyes peeled…I might be geeking out at a con near you!


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  • LOVE your eclectic geek tastes! Hope you let my post about your fantasy cast for The Boys stay up – we’d love to have you and your fans spice up the site with some casting beyond Austen novels.

    Jeff Reid

  • David

    Hey, I thought that we settled on who nominated you! By the way, How is you knitting project going? if you have given up on the rat Man costume, maybe you should try something simple like a Tom bake Dr, Who scarf.All you have to do is knit it about a foot wide and change colors every now and then. My daughter made one for me as a Father’s day gift, I am using it as a window treatment in my den.

  • Heya Kat,

    Our mutual friend asked that I provide you with a link to your very own comic cover courtesy of yours truly. “T” says hi and is excited about the next photo-shoot. Loved the collection you brought.by the way.



  • admin

    Thanks Stuart!

  • Mark Harry

    You are the highlight of my day. Been unemployed since last July. Under educated and over old. Keep up the great work. I will join your Minions.

    Mark from Spokane, WA

  • Hey, I thought that we settled on who nominated you! By the way, How is you knitting project going? if you have given up on the rat Man costume, maybe you should try something simple like a Tom bake Dr, Who scarf.All you have to do is knit it about a foot wide and change colors every now and then. My daughter made one for me as a Father’s day gift, I am using it as a window treatment in my den.

  • Jim Griffiths

    Kat, this is the first time I have ever visted your web site. I don’t have a facepage or any of those kind of accounts but I enjoy watching you on NN. As I do all the beautiful ladies. I read your web page and I like your life style and your writings. I will save your web page and hope some of the other girls have web sites as well. bye for now. Jim

  • Mark Harry

    I vote for Karla Sofen rendition. It does kinda look like Superman with boobs, but I don’t like the other one at all.

  • Scott

    You are the most desirable woman in the world!

  • Vladimir Hiritsch

    Hi Kat!,
    I met you at the Questy awards fun night and recited to you verbatim famous quote “….cuz baby, i can see myself in you” .Had great time, although ..been years since I enjoyed comics per se. Would love to link up with you on facebook but…apparently too many others have tried to be “friends” with you and currently
    there is a restriction on to this effect. HELP?! I have an idea that would be of benefit to you RE Naked News and would like to share it with you.
    By the way, you look so much better in person! Amazing. I guess the real breakthrough will come with 3D broadcasting of Naked News.
    P.S. I could never compete with a an adult Bieber, with whom you left Questys friday night, so would love to be a genuine friend,ok? You do a lot of admirable things.

  • admin

    Haha, Bieber-lookin’ dude is my best friend/photographer. Any ideas you have can be sent to me at nnewskatcurtis@gmail.com.

  • Phil Leibfried

    Dear Kat ~ Word is you’ll be at the NY Comicon next month; if true, what day[s]?

  • admin

    I will be! Look for me Saturday and Sunday.

  • Phil Leibfried

    Dear Kat ~ To show what an inspiration you are, I’ve composed a limerick just for you:

    Kat Curtis is never ever rude
    nor is she in any way crude.
    She calls herself The Naked Nerd
    just in case you haven’t heard,
    and no one looks better in the nude!

  • Searcher

    Kat, I was wondering about the Hallowe’en goodies you’re baking: are you making them for yourself, or are some of them intended as gifts for the trick-or-treat gremlins? ;)

  • I was wondering were NN beach remotes are filmed, I live across from you gals in Ohio. I think your hair is awesome when long. Is that your natural color for your hinterland is furless. Thanks Joe G. Columbus, Oh

  • Hi Katherine,

    I am very impressed on seeing this Blog, it looks as if you and Eila Adams are into the Blogs, and I think it’s great with keeping your fans up to date with everything that’s going on with you.

    Have a Nice Friday,

    Steve Cavalier
    Centralia, Wa.

  • The Great Excelcior

    Happy Conspiracy Theory Day (Nov 22). I don’t know if you celebrate it, but members of the Aerican Empire do.


  • Bumbaclot

    You seem kinda tall. How tall are you, exactly?

  • admin

    I’m six feet tall.

  • Rick Rodin

    Kat, I really like your naked nerd segments.

  • Loki

    Great job on the gamespot segments, nothings better then beautiful women and games. Do you ever set up any events where you can play some online games with fans? ex. play a couple rounds of black ops with subscribers.

  • I’m a comedian by profession since that’s the only one people can grasp, more so I’m self employed and do whatever I want now. So long as it’s creative I don’t care if it comes off nerdy, dorky or square; the world always needs more squares. I’m setting off on the very beginning of my North American grassroots tour, going to be doing everything and anything I can think of to get the full experience of each place I travel to, hoping to experience enough to keep my set fresh at each stop. I will travel in Canada by mid-year 2011 or so. I’d basically create a set based on the last city! My resume would make no sense to many people but it’s packed. I’m a lifeguard/EMT because everyone thought I was put on this Earth to save lives, so i saved a few that way and now I wish to save lives by helping people discover how awesome life is. I went to college and learned how to drink creatively. i grew out of only having couple interests or habits and now everything is fair game. You seem to capture that very essence of pure enjoyment out of life and I’d love to sit down and interview you someday, outside of NN as I see you’re a anchor (congratulations) You are doing bigs things; much to be admired. Thanks from all “nerds”!!! Feel free to reply via email or blog.

  • Dave O

    Hi Kat: You are the main reason I have Become a loyal fan of Naked News. You are the most Beautiful Nerd that has ever lived. I dont know what you would like for Christmas, but if I had one christmas wish that would be for someone to creat a robot version of you, so that all your fans could purchase it and have you in their lives. Of course it woudl have to be fully anatomically correct.

  • Mark

    Dear Kat:

    Awesome job on Naked News. I love your energy, enthusiasm and humor. The only thing I love more are those red high heels that you wear. They compliment you perfectly. You make my day on the days you host and you sign off and end the program with the walkaway wearing nothing but those red heels. Absolutely beautiful Kat!

  • Dear Katherine,

    One of your newest minions-in-training here. . . Loved the wrap-up yesterday on New years resolutions. I’ll vote for you for World’s Sexiest Geek if you’ll help me with my (continuing) resolution: Getting synchronized sleeping made an Olympic event. If it can be done for pole-dancing, after all, anything can happen.

    Maybe it would be a little boring, I grant you, but yacht racing is like watching paint dry, and that’s already in the Olympics.

    Anyway, I just subscribed to nN last week and am gradually working my way through the Naked Nerd episodes in the archives. Too bad you can’t get a hi-res version of the Naked Nerd comic cover on a CafePress T-shirt — I’m sure hordes of your fans would pay good money (well . . . at least U$25) for one of those.


  • Andy


    Your tale of Darkest Night got me thinking big-picture for DC comics. It was YOUR story that inspired my subject of choice to write on in college last semester.

    I cannot subscribe for a while, mostly because my wife would see the charge and ask questions. However, if you – please – write me, I will send you the product of your inspiration. — oops – and trade for a pic or something? Ah, no matter. It’s one superhero to another.

  • Andy

    Ok, I voted

    For sexiest geek and all.

    Not gonna tell who I voted for, just that I’m kind of a nut for superheroes and that it was for someone with initials KC, but you’ll have to guess. Just sayin’…

  • Andy

    Ok, I’m still getting used to where to find your representations over Internet. Could you give a quick list for us new bees to hone in on?

    Couple questions, if you’re up to it.
    1 – Games
    You often refer to MMORPG that usually use guns of some sort. I have been playing a MMORPG for a few years called Conquer – more accurately, Conquista, the Spanish version. This is called a fantasy game. Enemies and the players are sort of cartoony. I wonder when (or if) guns will be introduced.

    So, I was wondering if you harbor gaming interests of which us new bees may not be aware?

    2 – Comic Tie-in Show
    This week I saw the first two episodes of a comic-style TV show that may well turn out a very strong product.

    The Cape. I knew this was coming, but what to expect? My initial reaction suggests Edna’s reaction to capes in “The Incredibles” basically is dead-on. If you have a cape, it better be a weapon or tool of some sort.

    So, I’m wondering your reaction to the latest.

  • Andy

    I just saw your new year’s resolution. I have made none, but…
    Please consider me bowing to the Kat, a (nother) loyal minion.

  • Andy

    I saw your Naked Nerd show today. If I lived in the universe where I could possibly afford a Death Star, …. Can you tell me what address to put on the package?
    Of course, that’s just pretend, so ummm – I’ll just have to tell my other self.

  • Andy

    I haven’t checked in lately, so I had to get a dose of my fearless leader. As I thought of what to write, I was thinking of a stray cat my wife has adopted. She named him YANA. It is an acronym for You Are Not Alone, a direct reference to Doctor Who.
    He thinks he’s king wherever he is, but he is no use to me. I’ll give you directions to have you destroy him ok? Bring your high-powered taser and I’ll watch. He’s only about 10 lbs.
    I watched your audition today, as I’m sure did other subscribers. You had lots of spirit, way back then. Truly, you were awesome and have only grown. No, I don’t mean from too many cookies … but, you can send me cookies. I’ll tear up those storm troopers.

  • 96harry96

    Kat, you are alluringly beautiful and scarrily intelligent, and yet so far away that I feel the need to say thatof all the girls on the internet I have seen , you are the only one that i would actually like to meet and talk to!. Yes I know you are the NAKED NERD and that mostly you are ‘sans apparel” while there but you speak on a completely different level to the persona that appears on the video and that is what i like about you, or is it just the Canadian / Australian thing, you know , where we are the same but different in our makeup. any way I just thought that I should let you know that some nights when I am looking for inspirition for my next hairbrained scheme or random thought pattern I look to you, Mark (96 harry96)

  • K Foster

    Hello Katherine. I am the guy who sent you the Big Bang Theory script. Hope you liked it. I was also wondering if you might enjoy vegan truffles(the chocolates), April Dawn Rain sells some. [If you don't already know of some other place to buy them.]

  • Trayc


    have you ever checked out Deviantart.com? there are some pics of you there! Just put your name in the search box.

  • Jason

    That must be your next plot to take over the world from those who don’t adore the wonderful world of comics and geekdom – clone Kat, clone Kat, clone Kat! Wait, is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

  • I think the Entries (RSS) feed for the blog is broken. My feed readers either don’t accept it or don’t read from it. Might wanna check that out.

  • muggs

    hey there Kat , just wanted to say i love the site and your vids , and ask have you any advice on the best way to run a comic book / collectables store . im thinking of opening one as the only collectables store is a three hour drive so any tips would be great ;)

  • Ivan Kreipe


    Have you gotten my email on 8/1/11 to nnewskatcurtis@gmail.com? It concerns an idea for a NN show about Thorium, (Geek Gold!) Have you read or viewed any of the material?. Is there a better way to contact you?
    Thanks again for reading my letter on 10/17/11 about MMA
    YLM Ivan

  • Infatuated

    The Adventures Of The Naked Nerd

    What powers would you want if you were a comic book character?
    If you were like the Puppet Master meets Superman you really could take over the world!

    Think about how close the comic Supeman is to the Nazi Super Men.

  • Infatuated

    I mean Superman.
    You should have an edit on this.

  • K Foster

    To bad the script went no-where, could have made a good(or at least fun) explanation for the baby.

  • John Nichols

    Welcome back Kat. I was happy to find out that you were back on “NN”.
    I happily have started to, once again, WORSHIP YOUR GINGER-NESS!

    Thanks and welcome back

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